The OSHA Process Safety Standard: The 30-Year Update


In 2022 OSHA (the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration) published a proposed update to its Process Safety Management standard. This is the first change to the standard since its release in 1992.

OSHA has identified 24 topics which they would like to change, modify or enhance. This ebook describes each of these topics and discusses how they can be implemented. The topics include:

Climate Change COPs

A theme of this site is that climate change leadership will be provided by businesses, not necessarily because they want to “do the right thing”, but because they want to be commercially successful and because they want to avoid their own “Kodak Moment”.

With this thought in mind, we have started a series of subscription-based posts on the ‘Net Zero by 2050’ theme. Our aim is to describe both the realities and the opportunities of our rapidly changing world.